Are tiles on kitchen floor good idea?

Tile is one of the best options for kitchen floors, since the kitchen is a room in the house that not only gets a lot of visitors, but also occasional messy accidents. More durable than hardwood, vinyl and laminate, tiles also tend to be more waterproof and generally easier to clean.

Are tiles on kitchen floor good idea?

Tile is one of the best options for kitchen floors, since the kitchen is a room in the house that not only gets a lot of visitors, but also occasional messy accidents. More durable than hardwood, vinyl and laminate, tiles also tend to be more waterproof and generally easier to clean. Tile floors are a natural choice for kitchens. The tile is hard, durable, water resistant and prevents stains.

The tile can withstand heavy foot traffic, water, spills and does not absorb odors or bacteria. It can support pets and children and can be combined with any style of decoration. The most durable kitchen floor is ceramic tile, hardwood, bamboo and natural stone tile. Each has strengths and weaknesses, but if you take care of them and take proper precautions, all of these floors will last for many years.

Here, we've rounded up 17 beautiful kitchens from the pages of VERANDA to highlight the many ways in which kitchen tiles can be used to create a kitchen space ready to be seen up close. From local Mexican terracotta in a house in San Miguel de Allende to white oak tiles in a British colonial-inspired mansion in Naples, Florida, discover some of the best options on the market to adorn your floors. We love this kitchen design by Fran Keenan that belongs to a 1920s Los Angeles home inspired by both California and the other side of the pond. Here, this elegant kitchen features black-and-white checkered tiles that act as a charming juxtaposition with the walls and cabinets that are wrapped in Farrow %26 Ball's Castle Grey.

Yong Pak and Melanie Turner transformed a 1920s house in Atlanta to adapt it to the 21st century, while paying homage to its history in every room. The architectural elements, bar stools and floor tiles speak of the Art Deco movement and, at the same time, feel delightfully modern. In this 1920s Napa Valley home, designer Ken Fulk uses recycled brick floors to evoke its original state and bring a sense of warmth to the cooking space. Combined with wall tiles at ceiling height and black cabinets, this room will never go out of style.

For this New York residence, the Apthorp, a historic Italian Renaissance apartment building, Anthony Baratta was blessed with original mosaic floors in the kitchen. Allowing these bright floors to be the star of the show, he used shades of gray and retro motifs that feel at home in this nearly 120-year-old building. Karen Kane's Pacific Palisades home designed by Mark D. Sikes is a delicious balance between the Old World Mediterranean and the freshness of California.

Worn terracotta floors and blue tiles, along with oil-rubbed bronze hardware, make this kitchen look like it was built 100 years ago, not in the 80s. Porcelain tile is one of the best tiles for kitchen floors. When you remodel a room, you want the remodel to last, so you need to make sure you choose the best tile for your kitchen. Porcelain tile is a very durable material that will last for decades.

Will stand the test of time, even in high-traffic areas. By remodeling with a material as durable as porcelain stoneware, you'll save money on future renovations. Natural stone tiles for your kitchen floor are a very classic option and give a real sense of grandeur and stature to your space. Choose between light marble or travertine tiles, with their delicately veined details, or slate tiles with warmer, deeper tones that provide a slightly rougher feel.

One of the timeless kitchen flooring ideas to offer to your customers is marble. Although it can be expensive, thanks to modern advances in porcelain stoneware, you can give them the look of marble at an affordable price. Placing small-scale tiles in a random pattern that spills onto adjoining wooden floors like a handful of fallen pennies adds an ingenious detail to this Parisian studio kitchen flooring from Neva Interior Design. Well, to help you on your way, we've compiled some inspirational images that cover seven different ideas for kitchen tile floors.

Remember that you will be looking for tiles that complement the overall design scheme of your kitchen. Excellent for creating a design that stands the test of time, wood-looking tiles are ideal for customers who want a more traditional space. The black and white theme continues throughout the wide space, with white subway tiles coated with the same black grout as the penny tile, which creates cohesion while adding a slightly industrial element, and bright modern stainless steel appliances and a large oven ventilation grille that gives it a updated and fresh look. By combining the clean and sensible look of poured cement with the easiest installation method of normal tiles, porcelain tiles that have been made to look like cement pavers will give you that smart finish, especially if you're careful to choose a thin grout spacer and a matching color tone for the grout.

A traditional tile floor can create a timeless base for the rest of your kitchen that won't go out of style and can slip backwards and let other elements, such as kitchen backsplash tiles, shine. This all-white kitchen from Hamsa Home gets an injection of feel-good floral energy with a tile floor printed in vibrant shades of blue. Placing large black porcelain tiles in the shape of a herringbone breaks the linear lines of this small walk-through kitchen designed by Rashida Banks for Emily Henderson Design. Natural stone tiles have a different way of reflecting light than other materials, because the parts of natural stone tiles are translucent.

This bold remodeling of a Victorian Boston home by Michelle Gerson Interiors, based in New York, tells a dramatic story with black and white graphic outlines, from the zig-zag floor tiles to the black-painted wall-to-wall cabinets outlined in glossy white. In this fresh and modern Parisian kitchen from Space Factory, a Moroccan-style tile in black and white with a star pattern resembles the cabinets and the central island painted in a bold Klein international blue. In this rustic cannon style house by Leanne Ford Interiors, a tile patch in the shape of a carpet is perfectly embedded in the wooden floors to define the cooking area of the rest of the space. This English kitchen on the ground floor of DeVol Kitchens is open to the outside, with a classic diamond-shaped kitchen floor that adapts to the classic and timeless design and allows color accents to shine in shades of green.

Finally, if you prefer the urban industrial aesthetic of cast cement, but don't have the budget for the complete remodel or the specialized installer required for the job, then cement tiles are the answer. . .

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